Chairman Desk

Dr. Govindaraju

RKP College of Pharmacy

I am happy to know that you are interested in pursuing higher studies at our RKP college of Pharmacy (RKPCOP), Krishnagiri, RKP is well known as a College with discipline, academic excellence, conduct and code. It works with a social concern to find solutions to the problems of humanity through value based education cum training. 

I belief that ‘An educated person is one who becomes an effective and productive citizen’. Conscious of this dictum, our RKP is committed in graduating educated men and women to assume responsibilities of leadership to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Education is not just restricted in teaching a person the basic academics, say computers or pharmacy, but it also creates a sense of competition, desire and also to adopt themselves to the situation.

I am happy that the faculty members are given regular training by academic experts to suit such above said changes. In addition to this, our college faculty members themselves organize National & International Level workshops / seminars / Symposia comprising the areas of all the departments in the college.

Our motto with Almighty’s wishes will undoubtedly take us to our target “SKY IS THE LIMIT”.